Reliable Commercial Skip Bin Hire for Central Coast, Newcastle and Surrounding Areas

Waste management forms an essential part of any construction or building project. It starts the moment you tender for your contract and does not finish until the last worker leaves the site. At Economy Waste Group, we are ready to support you with our seamless and efficient commercial skip bin hire service in Gosford and Wyong regions on the Central Coast and Newcastle and surrounding areas.

  • Range of Skip bin hire for all sizes and all materials plus walk-in and craneable bins
  • Same day delivery
  • Long term skip hire contract rates
  • EPA license for waste management
  • Green Star reports

Flexible Service With Same-Day Skip Bin Delivery

Locally owned and proudly servicing businesses, we know that flexibility, reliability, and efficiency are essential to our commercial customers. That’s why we have a 24/7 online booking system and friendly consultants ready to take your call six days a week. Competitive long term skip hire rates are available.

Our on-site maintenance team keeps our skips available on time, every time—no last-minute excuses from us. GPS and two-way radio track our fleet. You will see the same driver for most long-term skip hire deliveries as the driver gets to know your construction site and anticipates your requirements. It’s all part of the Economy Waste Group service!

EPA License for Central Coast Waste Management

Economy Waste Group was the first Central Coast skip bin hire company to meet stringent new EPA licensing requirements introduced in 2014. We recommend that you check the current EPA license status of any commercial waste management company you are considering using for your construction or building project.

Skip bin waste disposal of hazardous materials and asbestos is available via special booking.

Green Star Reports for Waste Removal and Disposal

If your project relates to a Green Star rated building, we can provide reports with evidence of waste disposal in an environmentally responsible way. Our Green Star reports detail every commercial skip bin hired, cubic metres and the tracking of material in and out of your construction site. That’s one less thing for you to worry about every month.

Skip Bins From 2T Marrell up to 28 Hook, Including Walk-In, Craneable Bins, and Hazardous Material Skips

To discuss your skip bin hire requirements, including walk-in and craneable bins, please call our team on (02) 4325 1800.

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Commercial Skip Bin Hire FAQs

Commercial skip bin services are incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of businesses. Construction and building projects are primary users, given the significant amount of waste they generate. However, these services are not limited to the construction sector. Retail businesses, offices undergoing renovations, hospitality venues like restaurants and hotels and even educational institutions can benefit from commercial skip bin hire. The flexibility and variety of skip bin sizes make them suitable for any business that generates a substantial amount of waste, whether it’s a one-off project or a regular need.

The process of renting a commercial skip bin is designed for efficiency and convenience. Businesses can book a skip bin online or over the phone. At Economy Waste Group, we offer a range of bin sizes to suit different needs, including walk-in and craneable bins. Once the size and type of bin are selected, it’s delivered to the site. Businesses can use the bin for the duration of their project and once it’s full or no longer needed, the rental company collects it. The waste is then responsibly disposed of, adhering to environmental regulations.

Yes, there are specific regulations for disposing of commercial waste in skip bins, particularly concerning hazardous materials and asbestos. At Economy Waste Group, we are licensed under the EPA, ensuring compliance with stringent waste management regulations. It’s important for businesses to understand these regulations and sort their waste accordingly. Special arrangements can be made for the disposal of hazardous materials, ensuring safe and legal handling of such waste.

Commercial skip bins are well-equipped to handle large or bulky items. With a range of sizes available, including large walk-in and craneable bins, they can accommodate various types of waste, including bulky construction debris, old furniture, and large quantities of commercial waste. It’s important to choose the right size and type of bin for specific waste needs to ensure efficient waste management.

The frequency of skip bin services depends on the volume and type of waste generated by the commercial establishment. For ongoing projects like construction, regular bin services might be necessary, whereas, for one-off events or renovations, a single hire may suffice. At Economy Waste Group, we offer flexible services, including long-term contracts for continuous projects, ensuring businesses have a reliable waste management solution.

Yes, there are restrictions on the types of materials that can be placed in commercial skip bins. General commercial waste, construction debris, and non-hazardous materials are typically acceptable. However, hazardous materials, including chemicals, asbestos and certain types of medical waste, require special handling and may not be permitted in standard commercial skip bins. It’s essential to consult with the skip bin provider to understand the specific restrictions and arrange appropriate disposal methods for restricted materials.


Economy Waste have serviced Lendlease on various projects on the Central Coast over several years, with the latest being the $215M Gosford Hospital Redevelopment. Economy Wastes willingness to assist, their continued professionalism, friendly/quality/timely response of service, including high quality of supplied bins/general ‘kit’, including third party engineering & commitment to Environmental Compliance & Innovations is second to none on the Central Coast & rivals contractors I have personally used in Sydney on Major CBD Projects, including my previous site, the $1.2B Darling Harbour Live Project. Economy Waste are a true construction partner & integral to the continued successful delivery of The Gosford Hospital Redevelopment.

Dane Lalic

Senior Site Manager  |  Gosford Hospital Redevelopment  |  Lend Lease