Central Coast Skip Bins Hire – Choosing the right skip bin sizes

Choosing the right size skip bin for your waste removal needs can save you money.

Below we have provided a guide to help you choose the right skip bin for your next project.

Economy Waste Group provide one of the largest selection of Skip Bins for hire on the Central Coast. If you are looking to remove your general waste, green waste, bricks, and concrete or other types of waste, hire a skip bin for your rubbish removal. Our bins range from a small 2T Marrell to our huge back door loading 23 Hook Lift – and everything in between. In fact, we have 9 different skip bin sizes available for hire at our Central Coast premises. Skip bins to suit small home clean-ups to long-term hire, industrial, commercial and large construction projects.

How to compare a skip bin for size

A 2T Marrell skip bin is comparable to 2 x standard box trailers or 8 standard wheelie bins. Our skip bin selection page will have all dimensions as well as the waste types that can be removed from each bin. If you have any questions, please call our office on (02) 4325 1800 and our friendly team can help you select the right bin for your needs.

Other things to consider…

The skip bin size you choose depends on 3 things;

1. the type of waste

When selecting a skip bin to hire, ensure that it can take the type of waste you are looking to remove. Every skip bin through our online booking system provides information on the waste types it can hold. If unsure give our team a call on 4325 1800 or visit our FAQ page. Our team are experienced and friendly – we are here to assist you; however, we can.

2. the size of the items

It is easy to underestimate the amount of waste you are looking to remove. Start by thinking about the largest items you are discarding. Will they fit in the bin you are looking at hiring? It is better to get a bin a size larger than too small. It will save you money in the long run instead of hiring a second bin.

3. the placement of the skip bin

Make sure you know where you will place your skip bin once it is delivered to your premises. Will you place it on your driveway, on the nature strip or footpath. If space is tight, you will want to measure to ensure the bin you select will fit in the allocated space. And remember, if you are planning on placing the bin on the street or nature strip, you may require a council permit.

Skip Bins for small projects and household cleanups

If you are looking to undergo a small renovation, smaller garden cleanups or are simply looking for a skip bin for a general cleanup a skip bin between 2T Marrell and 4T Marrell should do the trick. Our 4T Marrell skip bin has a back door to make loading easier. All the skip bins in this category can be filled with mixed waste, bricks, and concrete, green waste and soil. If you have asbestos that requires waste removal, remember to give our office a call or use our online inquiry form.

Skip bins for those slightly larger projects

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen? Perhaps you require a skip bin for a construction project or office fit-out.

If you require a more substantial skip bin for a larger project our 4T Marrell bins right through to our 9T Marrell skip bins are a perfect option. All the bins in this range have a back door for easy loading and can be filled with mixed waste, bricks, and concrete, green waste and soil. And, all our bins can be supplied for ongoing hire arrangements at discounted rates.

Construction and commercial projects

Our full range of skip bins can be perfect for construction projects depending on your specific needs and space and size restrictions. If you require a skip bin that requires crane lifting or needs to be moved our small and versatile 1.3 craneable skip bin is work cover approved.

On the other side, our huge 28 Hook skip bin is excellent as a permanent bin for factories. So whether you are performing excavation works clearing trees and vegetation, undergoing a commercial refurbishment or are demolishing a structure Economy Waste have a bin to meet your specific needs.