Tips to maximise the capacity of your skip bin

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Hiring a skip bin is certainly the easiest and fastest way to remove rubbish, household items, green waste and building materials from around your home. And, when your skip bin arrives at your Central Coast premises it is easy to rush in with little thought and start filling your skip bin with all the excess rubbish.

From my recent experience I have provided the below guide to help you maximise space to improve the load capacity of a Skip bin.

When loading the skip bin ensure the items on the bottom will lay flat within the skip bin.

Recently I demolished a worn and tired deck to make way for a new one. With the demolishing of my deck came with it some heavy materials that were difficult to lift. I wanted to remove the heaviest items first. Unfortunately, I had not checked to ensure it would sit flat within the skip bin. By the time I had it into the skip bin it was skewed from the bottom corner to the top corner. I tried to maneuver the material around the skip bin to better maximise the space though it simply would not budge and trying to get it back out would have been a monumental task in itself. This one piece of rubbish caused a domino effect for every thing else.

Best Tip:
Be sure to check the items will fit within the skip bin before loading to save a lot of time and effort later on.

If an item you a removing will not sit flat within the skip bin your have hired try to break it down so that you can maximise the fillable space. Most furniture today comes flat packed, so breaking down a piece of furniture will be easy. If you have long pieces of timber a simple hand saw should do the trick.

Try to maximise the available space within the skip bin size you have hired. And remember, a skip bin should not be filled any higher than the rim and no pieces of timber should be protruding from the sides. In my case, I had to cut timber after they were loaded to ensure the skip bin could be removed.

Best Tip:
If your rubbish you are removing can be broken in to smaller pieces do it before loading. It will make a difference to the load capacity of a skip bin in the long run.

Don’t leave gaps

They say a tree is ninety percent air. If you think of a skip bin in the same way, every gap left is wasted space. Keep the little items aside and especially those items that are flexible. As a space becomes available use these items to fill it.

Best Tip:
Gain the maximum usage from your skip bin by eliminating gaps as you load.

Sort your rubbish

Before you begin loading a skip bin consider the rubbish you have and think whether these items could be removed easily in another way. Check to see if any items can be sorted to be sent for recycling. Other items may also be able to be sold, the saying goes ‘one persons garbage is another persons treasure’. Some of the general items you are not using anymore may also be able to go to a charitable organisation.

Best Tip:
Don’t waste valuable space. Find the items that can be transitioned else where such as items which can be recyled, sold or given to a charity.

Need advice on the best way to load a skip bin?

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