Here are some of the common questions our customers ask . If the question you have is not answered , please contact us on 43251800.

Q: What can I put into my skip bin?
It is probably easier to say the exclusions – everything except for food waste, organic matter, tyres,
car batteries, liquids, gas cylinders, synthetic grass, mattresses, tree stumps (with a greater diameter
than 50cm).

Asbestos, tyres, mattresses and synthetic grass can be put in the bins but they will incur
extra charges.

If you only have:

  1. Green waste (excluding palm tree trunks) OR
  2. Concrete/rubble bin.

Please let us know and a discounted recycle price will apply.

Q. How long can i keep my skip bin?
Normal hire periods are for 7 days and we await your call before collecting. You can call Ecomony
Waste to collect your skip bin at any time within this period. Arrangements can be negotiated with clients
who require an extended hire period.

Q. How should I pay ?
Customers can pay by credit card, cash, cheque or electronic funds transfer ( EFT ) .

Q. What if I have difficult site access ?
Call 4325 1800 and ask for obligation-free advice. If necessary, a free site inspection will be arranged.

Q. What happens to my waste once it has been collected ?
All waste is taken to our sorting facility or an approved & licensed external facility for the purpose of waste sorting & resource recovery .

Q. What do I do with hazardous chemicals?
You cannot put any hazardous chemicals into the skip bins. Hazardous chemicals include Solvents, Paints, Acids, Laboratory Waste, Oils, Grease Traps, etc. To dispose of this you need to contact your local council. They will be able to provide you with a contact who can dispose of anything hazardous or not accepted in your skip bin ( i.e food waste) . Disposal of tyres & mattresses in the skip bin will incur additional charges. Please refer to our waste type guide for more information.

Q. How high can I load the bin ?
All rubbish bins have a maximum height fill point which is to the height on the side wall of the bin, no higher. Any bins, which are overloaded above the rims of the bins will be off-loaded back to the safety limits or in some cases left on premises for the customer to off-load.

Q. Will they be able to get up my driveway ?
Your driveway needs to be at least 3 metres wide for a normal truck with a 7T Marrell skip bin (allow wider access if necessary for as larger truck ). Another consideration is the size of the bin. Most Marrell bins should fit in a standard driveway, up to 5m long. However hook bins require a large amount of space so you should ensure there are no low hanging trees, power lines or the like that may hinder the access and placement of the container at the time of delivery. Once ordered, you should contact us and discuss the location of the bin placement if you think access may be difficult.

Q. How much notice do I need to give you when ordering my skip?
We will be able to deliver a skip bin on the same day of calling in most cases or otherwise within 24hrs of ordering, however we do suggest skip bins are booked as far in advance as possible to ensure you are able to get a skip bin that best suits your requirements & secure a desired time range for your delivery.