What Can You Put In A Skip Bin?

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What Can You Put In A Skip Bin?

Understanding the ins and outs of skip bin usage is not only important for efficient waste management but also for minimising your environmental impact. In this blog, we’ll dive into the specifics of what you can put in a skip bin, ensuring that your waste disposal is both hassle-free and environmentally responsible.

The Basics of Skip Bin Usage

Hiring a skip bin is a straightforward process, but it’s important to know its proper usage. Waste management companies provide these skip bins to help businesses and residents manage their waste efficiently. However, there’s a responsibility on your part to ensure that they’re disposing of the right items. Not everything can go into a skip bin and understanding these limitations ensures a smooth rubbish removal process. That’s why you need to know what you can and cannot toss into these bins for a hassle-free waste management experience.

Common Items You Can Toss Into Your Skip Bin

Here’s a list of items that can be placed in your skip bin:

  • Household Waste: Your skip bin is a great solution for disposing of everyday household waste. This category covers items like paper, cardboard and general household rubbish, making it ideal for decluttering your living spaces.
  • Garden Waste: If you’ve been working on your garden and have accumulated piles of leaves, branches and other organic materials, your skip bin is the perfect place for them. Garden waste is not only accepted but also effectively managed through this service.
  • Construction Debris: Skip bins are well-equipped to handle the aftermath. You can toss bricks, concrete and other building materials into the bin, simplifying the clean-up process.
  • Old Furniture: When you’re ready to part ways with broken chairs, tables or other furniture pieces, your skip bin offers a convenient disposal option. It allows you to create room for new furniture without the stress of figuring out how to dispose of the old items.

Materials that Demand Careful Disposal

When disposing of certain materials, it’s important to exercise caution. Here are some items you should think twice about before disposing of in your skip bin:

  • Hazardous Materials: Paint, chemicals and batteries fall into this category and should always be disposed of separately to prevent harm to the environment and human health.
  • E-waste: Electronic items, including computers, televisions and mobile phones, require special disposal methods due to their components.
  • Tyres and Rubber: Proper disposal of these items ensures they are recycled or disposed of safely.

Getting the Most Out of Your Skip Bin Rental

Renting a skip bin is more than just discarding waste without a second thought. To optimise your skip bin hire experience, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Efficient Waste Segregation: You should separate recyclables, general waste and hazardous materials for proper disposal.
  • Smart Space Utilisation: Fill the skip bin efficiently by starting with larger items at the bottom and layering smaller debris on top.
  • Respecting Weight Limits: Stay within the specified weight limits to avoid additional charges and ensure a smooth collection.
  • Prohibited Items Awareness: Familiarise yourself with items that cannot be placed in skip bins to prevent complications and environmental harm.

Choose Economy Waste Group for Waste Management Solutions

Living on the Central Coast presents unique waste management challenges, from seasonal clean-ups to ongoing construction projects. At Economy Waste Group, we’re committed to addressing these challenges with tailored solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner tackling a spring clean or a business with recurring waste disposal needs, we’re here to assist you. Let’s collaborate for a cleaner and greener environment. Reach out to us via our contact page today.



Tips to maximise the capacity of your skip bin

Central Coast Skip Bins – Latest News and Articles

Tips to maximise the capacity of your skip bin

Hiring a skip bin is certainly the easiest and fastest way to remove rubbish, household items, green waste and building materials from around your home. And, when your skip bin arrives at your Central Coast premises it is easy to rush in with little thought and start filling your skip bin with all the excess rubbish.

From my recent experience I have provided the below guide to help you maximise space to improve the load capacity of a Skip bin.

When loading the skip bin ensure the items on the bottom will lay flat within the skip bin.

Recently I demolished a worn and tired deck to make way for a new one. With the demolishing of my deck came with it some heavy materials that were difficult to lift. I wanted to remove the heaviest items first. Unfortunately, I had not checked to ensure it would sit flat within the skip bin. By the time I had it into the skip bin it was skewed from the bottom corner to the top corner. I tried to maneuver the material around the skip bin to better maximise the space though it simply would not budge and trying to get it back out would have been a monumental task in itself. This one piece of rubbish caused a domino effect for every thing else.

Best Tip:
Be sure to check the items will fit within the skip bin before loading to save a lot of time and effort later on.

Break it, cut it or snap it.

If an item you a removing will not sit flat within the skip bin your have hired try to break it down so that you can maximise the fillable space. Most furniture today comes flat packed, so breaking down a piece of furniture will be easy. If you have long pieces of timber a simple hand saw should do the trick. 

Try to maximise the available space within the skip bin size you have hired. And remember, a skip bin should not be filled any higher than the rim and no pieces of timber should be protruding from the sides. In my case, I had to cut timber after they were loaded to ensure the skip bin could be removed.

Best Tip:
If your rubbish you are removing can be broken in to smaller pieces do it before loading. It will make a difference to the load capacity of a skip bin in the long run.

Don’t leave gaps

They say a tree is ninety percent air. If you think of a skip bin in the same way, every gap left is wasted space. Keep the little items aside and especially those items that are flexible. As a space becomes available use these items to fill it.

Best Tip:
Gain the maximum usage from your skip bin by eliminating gaps as you load.

Sort your rubbish

Before you begin loading a skip bin consider the rubbish you have and think whether these items could be removed easily in another way. Check to see if any items can be sorted to be sent for recycling. Other items may also be able to be sold, the saying goes ‘one persons garbage is another persons treasure’. Some of the general items you are not using anymore may also be able to go to a charitable organisation.

Best Tip:
Don’t waste valuable space. Find the items that can be transitioned else where such as items which can be recyled, sold or given to a charity. 

Need advice on the best way to load a skip bin?

Get in touch with your Central Coast skip bin experts at Economy Waste today on 02 4325 1800.

What are the most common uses of skip bins?

Central Coast Skip Bins – Latest News and Articles

What are the most common uses of skip bins?

Recent data shows that worldwide, more than 4 billion tons of waste is generated annually. Using a skip bin is the most efficient way to dispose of your unwanted rubbish or waste. Skip bins can be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. In this article, we will provide some of the most common uses of skip bins and why you should consider hiring a skip bin from Economy Waste for your next project.


1. Common Uses for Skip Bins for Residential

For renovations, spring cleaning, garden remodels, removal of old and damaged furniture – hiring a skip bin to remove your waste can simply make the job easier.

With a full range of skip bin sizes from 2T Marrell through to 28 Hook you will be able to find the right option for your needs. Plus a skip bins makes it easy for you to remove all your waste in one go.

Hiring a skip bin for your residential project can save you money and time too. You can throw all types of waste in to a skip bin. Anything from; old furniture, white goods, sporting goods, camping equipment, rugs, carpets, all types of building materials, and garden waste can be disposed of in a skip bin. It beats loading up a vehicle or trailor, driving all the way to the council tip, only to get their to pay absorbient waste fees and still having to unload!

2. Common Uses for Skip Bins for Industrial

As a industrial operator on the Central Coast, the need for a fast, reliable and efficient service is paramount to keeping things moving. All type of waste are disposed of on a industrial premise such as metals, cardboards, office consumables and other general waste. And, when there are many people, there is much waste – regularly.

Ensuring the right skip bin is used, replaced, and maintained, is one less thing you need to worry about.

That is where Economy Waste can help. Economy Waste have been operating on the Central Coast since 1990. We have a large range of skip bins sizes for hire including walk-in and craneable bins. Our same day delivery service, long term hire contracts, and Green Star Reports, are all designed to provide a seamless reliable service for commercial clients. Plus Our EPA licensed waste management facility located at West Gosford, is world class.

3. Common Uses for Skip Bins for the Commercial Industry

For the commercial sector, such as construction organisations, waste management forms an essential part of the business. Everything from building materials such as timber, electrical wire, metals, plasterboard and soil will need to remove in a fast, efficient and reliable manner to ensure the building site keeps moving.

Plus, skip bins on a building site need to be versatile. Everything from rear-opening doors and skip bins that can be used by a crane to be placed on higher levels of a construction project or simply moved around the job site with ease.

Economy Waste provide skip bins of all shapes and sizes – top loading, rear loading and craneable options, are all available from our extensive supply of skip bins ranging from 2T Marrell to 28 Hook. Our truck fleet are in the numbers too, to ensure we can quickly get to a site on call, and arrange for a replacement bin, fast!

Materials we accept

Building, demolition and excavation materials – including materials arising from renovations provided materials are not liquid waste, food waste or are odorous. Electronics (E-Waste), Appliances, Bicycles, Carpeting & Rugs, Renovation Waste, Furniture, Hot Tubs & Jacuzzi’s, Mattresses & Box Springs, Refrigerators, Scrap Metals, Televisions (TVs), Tyres & Rubber, Yard Waste (Green Waste), Household Garbage & Refuse, Glass, Pianos, Exercise Equipment, Pool Tables, Computer & Notebooks, Printers, Scanners & Copiers, Monitors & Screens.

Materials we do not accept

Waste oils and liquids or putrescent waste (foods), chemicals or hazardous materials.

Materials we are also licensed to carry

Fibro and Asbestos – however prior arrangement is required.

Skip bins in the Wyong Shire.

Central Coast Skip Bins – Resource Articles

Skip bins in the Wyong Shire.

Economy Waste Group provides skip bin hire to the Wyong Shire of the Central Coast. From Tuggerah and Wyong to Lake Haven and Budgewoi and everywhere in between. Are you starting a DIY project or renovation to your home or office? Find the skip bin suitable for your needs with quick, efficient, and reliable delivery.


We have a range of skip bins in the Wyong Shire. Our range of skip bins of all sizes to suit any DIY project or home renovation. Our skip bins range from 2T Marrell to a massive 28 Hook. Above all, there is no service area too remote and no location we can not reach.

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Are you running a trade in the Wyong shire? Economy Waste Group provide skip bins to keep the job moving!

We will keep your building project moving with our Wyong shire skip bin hire solutions. Rely on us to deliver and pick up on time, every time. Regardless if you are working at Wadalba, Yarramalong, or Hamlyn Terrace or any other suburb in the Wyong Shire – our 24/7 online booking and phone support is available Monday-Saturday. Same day delivery available. As a result, we keep your job moving efficiently.

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We know the environment is important to residents of the Wyong Shire and surrounding areas. That’s why Economy Waste Group is moving towards a zero landfill contribution.

We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. It is essential for us to protect flora and fauna in the areas we live for our future generations – in short, we all have a role to play.

At Economy Waste Group, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We provide skip bin hire and waste management services to residents and businesses for the Wyong Shire, efficiently and economically.

Our EPA licensed waste management facility is world class. Required under the new Environment Protection Authority reforms that came into force in 2014. With around 75% of our incoming skip bin waste recycled and a growing list of recyclable products; as a result, we are moving closer towards zero landfills every day.

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Economy Waste Group has been operating in the Wyong Shire on the Central Coast since 1990.

We provide rubbish removal services and skip bins hire for the Central Coast region. For short and long term hire to residents, tradies, and businesses in the Wyong Shire. From Charmhaven and Lake Haven to Long Jetty and The Entrance, Gwandalan and Norah Head or Ourimbah. In addition, there is not one suburb we have not delivered our skip bin to since the companies inception. Our extensive range of trucks and bin capacities cater to all industry requirements. We continue to look at new methods of waste disposal to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

View our FAQ, rental agreement and privacy statement for more information.

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Suburbs we service in the Wyong Shire

Bateau Bay
Berkeley Vale
Blue Bay
Blue Haven
Budgewoi Peninsula
Buff Point
Bushells Ridge
Canton Beach
Cedar Brush Creek
Chain Valley Bay
Chittaway Bay
Chittaway Point
Crangan Bay

Doyalson North
Durren Durren
Glenning Valley
Hamlyn Terrace
Kangy Angy
Killarney Vale
Kingfisher Shores
Lake Haven

Lake Munmorah
Lemon Tree
Little Jilliby
Long Jetty
Mannering Park
Norah Head
Palm Grove
Rocky Point
San Remo
Shelly Beach
Summerland Point 

Tacoma South
The Entrance
The Entrance North
Toowoon Bay
Tumbi Umbi
Wyong Creek

Skip Bins in the Gosford Council Shire

Central Coast Skip Bins – Resource Articles

Skip bins in the Gosford Shire.

Economy Waste Group has been providing skip bins hire in the Gosford shire since 1990. We provide services for homes, tradies, and commercial businesses. Fast and reliable skip bins hire for the Central Coast region.


From the beach suburbs of Avoca and Ettalong to the beautiful countryside of Picketts Valley and Green Point, Economy Waste Group have been providing rubbish removal and skip bins hire since 1990. Skip bin hire service available to residents and businesses in the Gosford, Erina and Woy Woy Council on the Central Coast region.

Servicing all areas in the Gosford Shire Central Coast region from Mangrove Mountain to Woy Woy and everywhere in between. If you:

  • run a business that requires regular skip bin swaps,
  • construction company that needs project based skip bin hire,
  • or a resident who requires skip bins for a renovation or extension.

Our range of skip bins suits any purpose.

Below we have outlined some common questions we are asked to help you gain the right information to get your project moving quickly.

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Our regular hire periods are for 7 days.

Though understandably not all projects run precisely to schedule. You can call Economy Waste to collect your skip bin at any time within this period. Arrangements can be negotiated with clients if you need some extra days or for a longer extended skip bin hire period.

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Difficult sites made easy with our extensive fleet of trucks and professionally trained drivers.

In the hilly areas or simply the remoteness of the other regions in the Gosford Shire on the Central Coast – we can make something quite tricky look easy. If you are concerned about skip bin access to your location, you can always give us a call on 4325 1800 and ask us for free advice. We are always there to help. If necessary, free site inspection can be arranged. Be sure to add a note in your booking request, so there are no hidden surprises.

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Clean and Green is our motto. We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint to keep the Gosford Shire pristine.

We are all very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world. We all have an essential role to play to protect flora and fauna for our future generations. Economy Waste Group is no exception.

At Economy Waste Group, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We are providing skip bin hire and waste management services to residents and businesses from Woy Woy to Wamberal, efficiently and economically.

Our EPA licensed waste management facility is world class, as required under the new Environment Protection Authority reforms that came into force in 2014. With around 75% of our incoming skip hire waste recycled and an increasing list of recyclable products, as a result, we are moving closer towards zero landfills every day.

We are your skip bin hire solution for the Gosford shire.

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Suburbs we service in the Gosford Shire

Avoca Beach
Bar Point
Booker Bay
Box Head
Central Mangrove
Cheero Point
Cogra Bay
Daleys Point
East Gosford
Empire Bay
Erina Heights
Ettalong Beach
Forresters Beach

Glenworth Valley
Green Point
Hardys Bay
Horsfield Bay
Killcare Heights
Kincumber South
Little Wobby
Lower Mangrove
MacMasters Beach
Mangrove Creek

Mangrove Mountain
Mooney Mooney
Mooney Mooney Creek
Mount Elliot
Mount White
Niagara Park
North Avoca
North Gosford
Pearl Beach
Peats Ridge
Phegans Bay
Picketts Valley
Point Clare
Point Frederick
Pretty Beach
St Huberts Island

Umina Beach
Upper Mangrove
Wendoree Park
West Gosford
Wisemans Ferry
Woy Woy
Woy Woy Peninsula
Woy Woy Bay

Benefits of hiring a skip bin

Central Coast Skip Bins – Latest News and Articles

5 benefits of hiring a skip bin.

Removing waste can be time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient process, here, we will illustrate the benefits of hiring a skip bin. Consider the following benefits to make the job easy:


1. Convenience

The reality is the convenience of hiring an Economy Waste Group’s skip bin hire service simply outweighs the hassle of any other option.

Economy Waste Group skip bins team service all areas on the Central Coast, Gosford Shire, and Wyong Shire. A simple online booking or a call to our friendly team and you can have a skip bin delivered to your premises – on the same day.

Once at your premises, you can load the skip bin with all types of rubbish; bricks, timber, plaster, garden waste – you name it. Typically our rentals are for a 7 day period. Therefore, this will give you time to load the waste into the skip bin at your convenience.


2. Save Time

If you are building, landscaping, working on renovation project, spring cleaning or performing a major cleanup, it will save you time to hire a skip bin. Hiring a skip bin saves you the time than having to measure for kerbside collection or taking it to the tip yourself.

The standard council bins in all homes and commercial properties on the Central Coast are about 120 litres. They are great for day to day waste. The Central Coast residents also have access to bulk kerbside collection. But each collection is restricted to 2 cubic metres and limited to the type of waste you can dispose of.

Economy Waste skip bins offers various sizes range from 2 cubic metres, up to 20 cubic metres. Hiring a skip bin means that your waste is removed at one accessible location (at your property or building sites). And, we will pick up the skip bin and properly dispose your waste. As a result, you are saving time.


3. Save Money

Hiring a skip bin will save you money. This means that you do not need to hire a trailer, pay for fuel, reduce wear and tear of your vehicle or pay for tip fees.

At Economy Waste our skip bin hire prices are all inclusive of delivery, pick up, council tip fees and other associated travel costs. Therefore, once you pay the initial cost of hire, there is nothing else to pay and no weight restriction.

If you have a large amount of waste, and you are not sure the size of skip bin you require, get in touch with our team. We can guide you on the size that will meet your needs.


4. Dispose of all your waste in one go

It’s easy to accumulate waste when undergoing a major clean-up or when building and renovating your premises.

Economy Waste skip bins come in a range of sizes from 2 cubic metres, up to a huge 20 cubic metres. So regardless of how much waste you need removing there is a variety of options to ensure you get the job done right – the first time. We will pick up the skip bin and remove the waste for you when you are done.

If you have a large amount of waste, and you are not sure the size of skip bin you require, get in touch with our team. We can advise you on the size that will meet your needs. Have a look at our FAQ page for more information about our service.


5. Dispose of your Waste Properly

It is vital to ensure that your waste is disposed of properly, to protect the environment and for the health and safety of the community. At Economy Waste Group, we take this very seriously.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issues environment protection licenses to owners or operators. The license conditions relate to pollution prevention and monitoring, and cleaner production through recycling and reuse and the implementation of best practice. Our EPA licensed waste management facility is world class.

Feel good knowing when you book your skip bins with Economy Waste Group, you are working with licensed professionals for your waste removal.

Economy Waste Group is a team of professionals providing skip bin hire and waste management for the Central Coast region. If you are looking for a skip bin company, get in touch with us by phone (02) 4325 1800 or book online.